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Molds and ideas
  • fiaty
    Moroso Diatom Chair
  • ry
    Riyadh Subway
  • kristalia
    Kristalia Holo
  • leaan
    • Moroso Diatom Chair

      We designed the molds, the molds and the molding of the stackable Diatom Chair aluminum seat for Moroso Spa, under the direction of (internationally renowned designer) Ross Lovegrove. Officially presented at 2014 Salone del Mobile in Milan, its peculiarity was reproducing the shape of a Diatomea, whose name adopts, on an aluminum plate: a true work of art. The Diatom chair won in the outdoor category of the EDIDA award (Elle Deco International Design Awards) .
      Customer | Moroso
      Nation | Italia
      Year | 2014
      Duration of project | 4 months
      Techniques | stamping and flanging mold, sitting production series.
    • Riyadh Subway

      The world’s most important railway manufacturers, Alstom, Siemens and Bombardier, have entrusted our company with the production of all first and second class aluminium seat shells for the prestigious and luxurious Riyadh metro. These seats have the particularity of an aesthetic care and quality superior to that of the automotive industry.
      Customer | Alstom, Siemens, Bombardier
      Nation | Saudi Arabia
      Year | 2014
      Duration of project | 6 months
      Techniques | Drawing and folding moulds
    • Kristalia Holo

      A table base characterized by an oval hole and a softly shaped contour, made with a process that involves many complex stages of transformation, produced in steel and brass. We have designed and manufactured all the moulds and equipment and guarantee the production on demand. A project that lends itself to different methods of use and installation: vertical, horizontal, coupled or single. The table has also been used in the spot of the New Fiat 500 Limited Edition.
      Customer | Kristalia
      Nation | Italy
      Year | 2016
      Techniques | deep-drawing and flanging mould, mass production of table base
    • Lean

      LEAN: the latest generation of railway passenger seats. The project had as objective the realization of a self-supporting body, with a high torsional stiffness and load resistance, obtained by a double bending on the side edge, the first body in the world with this patented solution, and a reduction in the number of components. The result has been to obtain a high modularity seat oriented to the concept of train-platform which, with the same mechanical characteristics, has a reduced weight of 25%.
      Customer | FISA Srl
      Nation | Italy
      Year | 2018-2022
      Duration of project | 6 mesi
      Techniques | stampo di imbutitura e taglio Laser 3D