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Molds and ideas


From design to semi-finished or finished product, FERUGLIO ENGINEERING has the technologies and know-how to carry out every single phase of the production process internally within its own company cycle: from design to feasibility studies, to prototyping and production in more or less complex series, based on the customer’s needs.

All this through a constant comparison with the customer and any partners involved in order to ensure the best possible product at the most competitive price.

Our operating method:


  1. Receipt by the customer of prototypes or drawings of parts to be produced in larger or smaller series.
  2. Feasibility analysis on the basis of the specificity of the part through comparison with the customer, designer or designer in order to optimize production through any technical measures.
  3. Proposal to the customer of one or more solutions for the industrialization of the desired parts, taking into account the size, quantity, aesthetic specifications and all the factors that can contribute to aggravate processes and production costs.
  4. Definition of the production cycle and design of the moulds and equipment necessary to achieve the desired part.
  5. Construction of moulds and equipment (welding templates, 3D laser cutting templates and control templates).
  6. Testing of the moulds and execution of the pre-series of the finished part.
  7. Approval of the part by the customer.
  8. Production of parts that can be carried out directly by the customer or by Feruglio Engineering in the company.

In the field of mass production, Feruglio Engineering is also able to provide welding (EN 15085 certification), galvanising, cataphoresis and painting services for the parts produced.
Feruglio Engineering guarantees maintenance, assistance, spare parts and any changes during the entire production phase of the equipment produced.
Storage service and storage of equipment at our facilities to ensure the timely processing of parts for series production or spare parts.

For the production of moulds:

  • 3 CNC milling cutters of various sizes (up to 1250x1250x2500mm)
  • Various electrical discharges
  • Lathes and corrections.

For the production of parts:

  • Hydraulic presses up to 500 tons
  • Mechanical presses up to 250 tons
  • 3D laser with double rotary table with possibility of laser welding
  • Welding department and internal finishing.