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Molds and ideas


The history of FERUGLIO ENGINEERING began in the 1960s when the founder, Gino Feruglio, transformed his great passion for metalworking into a small artisan company specialising in the construction of sheet metal moulds called “Feruglio Gino”.

Over time, the founder Gino passed the baton to his son Stefano and in 1989 the company FERUGLIO ENGINEERING was founded and has been operating since then. Since that date, the company has completed its production offer with the moulding of parts, possible welding, laser cutting and the various operations necessary for the production of finished products. The long experience gained by family members and employees to date allow to preserve a considerable wealth of knowledge, technology and innovation in the field of design, construction of the mold, cold pressing of metals that allows to meet the most complex and specific needs of customers.

From design to semi-finished or finished product, Feruglio Engineering has the technologies and know-how to carry out every single phase of the production process internally within its own company cycle: from design to feasibility studies, to prototyping and production in more or less complex series, based on the customer’s needs.

All this constitutes the background on which Feruglio Engineering’s activity has always been based. We believe in the solid values that have been transmitted: honest and correct work, based on attention to the rules as much as to the people and work of others, respect for the word given and the commitment made. Today the company is mainly contacted for unique and special products, especially in the field of rail transport, especially for the realization of the shells of train seats, of which we are leaders in Europe but also in the field of furniture design, details that have specific needs of shape, size and weight and that or for the development of innovative products, thanks to the continuous attention to research and development of new solutions and processing methods.

Some of our historical achievements:

  1. 1992

    molds for the production of the frames of the ski glasses used by Alberto Tomba in Albertville

  2. 1993

    details for the interior of the Ferrari F355 berlinetta;

  3. 1994

    realization of equipment and seat shells in the restructuring of the railway carriages of the Deutsche Bahn double-decker trains (duration of the order: 6 years);

  4. 2000

    construction of equipment and bodywork for seats in the Ile-de-France region referred to as mass production transilien- a completed in 2015 -;

  5. 2005

    Details for seats and other components of the French TGV (Designed by Christian Lacroix);

  6. 2011

    seatings of new London Underground on the occasion of the 2012 Olympic Games;

  7. 2014

    Diatom chair by designer Ross Lovregrove for MOROSO Spa;

  8. 2016

    Holo table foot (Designed by Kensaku Oshiro) for Kristalia;

  9. 2017

    TET seat shell (Bombardier);

  10. 2018

    Seat shell ICNG train for the Dutch market for COMPIN – FAINSA;

  11. 2018

    Parts for seat MF77 (RATP) for COMPIN – FAINSA;

  12. 2019

    RER-NG Compin-Fainsa, mold series and equipment for the seats of the new train for the Paris region;

  13. 2019

    LEAN2 FISA, series of molds for a new passenger seat as an alternative to LEAN1;

  14. 2020

    Rock-Caravaggio shell, series of molds and equipment made for the FISA – HITACHI company;

Our company, at the forefront of technology, currently boasts, in addition to a 3D laser of the latest generation also the certifications Iso 9000 and Iso 15085 for welding steel and aluminum.