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Molds and ideas
Rock-Caravaggio shell, series of molds and equipment made for the FISA - HITACHI company

From design to semi-finished or finished product, FERUGLIO ENGINEERING has the technologies and know-how to carry out every single phase of the production process within its own business cycle: from design feasibility studies, prototyping and production in more or less complex series, based on customer needs. All through a constant comparison with the customer and the partners eventually involved in order to ensure the best possible product at the most competitive price.

We mainly deal with unique and special products, especially in the field of rail transport – especially for the realization of the seats of the train seats, of which we are the European leader. As well as in the furniture design sector, looking for details that have specific needs in terms of shape, size and weight and that or for the development of innovative products, thanks also to the continuous attention to research and development of new solutions and processing methods